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Founder's Keeper

An activity book for startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Not another coffee table book

For 3 years OpenView released a physical "Build" book sharing a wrap up of their best blog posts. It was beautifully designed and well received by their community but then things changed.


When I joined the team in March 2020, fresh into the COVID19 pandemic, I knew the last thing people wanted at the end of this year was a large coffee table sized book from a VC patting themselves on the back for how insightful they are. Even if the content was helpful and well intentioned, it didn't take away the tone deaf sting. We needed to make the insights actionable.

That's why we made the first activity book for startup founders and entrepreneurs. It features useful articles and interviews but more importantly directed learning and reflection exercises to help the reader put the insights to use in THEIR life and THEIR business.

Our goal was to meet founders where they are and help them build the business and life of their dreams regardless of the unforeseen circumstances. While the theme was heavily inspired by 2020 (see toilet paper sticker) it brings me great joy to know that people still find this book useful and fun to use even 3 years later in 2023.

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