Meg Johnson_Headshot_2021_V1.png

Meet Meg

From an early age Meg was interested in multimedia art but her artistic journey didn't truly begin until she studied Communication Design at MassArt. In 2017 she graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree and launched an iOS app called Plant Pal.

Later in 2017 she joined a small, 10-person startup SaaS named Privy. While at Privy Meg led videography, social media marketing and overall brand development to help Privy become one of the fastest growing companies in America.

In 2020 she joined OpenView's marketing team as their Senior Manager of Creative Strategy where she leads brand development for the firm. Obsessed with software, user experience and design thinking, she works to understand and scale OpenView's brand awareness through thought leadership content programs like their podcast, and weekly video series.

When she's not being an over enthusiastic podcast host, Meg spends her free time roller skating, playing video games, and taking pictures of her cat Noodle.