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Meet Meg

Meg Johnson's creative journey began when she studied Graphic Design and UX strategy at MassArt, graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree. In the same year, she launched the iOS app Plant Pal.

In 2017, she joined the SaaS startup Privy as the 2nd marketing hire, where she led videography, social media marketing, and overall brand development, contributing to Privy becoming one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Most recently Meg was OpenView Venture's Senior Manager of Creative Strategy, where she focused on design direction and content strategy. She collaborated closely with the firm's c-level leadership and VP of Marketing to enhance OpenView's brand affinity through thought leadership content programs, such as podcasts and a weekly video series.​

Currently Meg provides Kalyna Marketing's team and clients with high-level, strategic advice and direction on content marketing & creative projects.

Meg now resides in Portland, Oregon. When she's not making YouTube videos or leaving you a voicemail, Meg spends her free time roller skating, playing video games, and taking pictures of her cat Noodle.

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