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What is YAS!?

YAS! empowers and educates young women on the possibilities of their future and promotes positivity and individuality. December 22nd, 2012 my life was changed for the better;


I became empowered when I read my acceptance letter from MassArt. The possibility for greatness altered my entire outlook on life and my perspective took a positive turn.


Every single day I wake up, I go to my job that I love, I do what I love, work with people who appreciate me, and I remember my acceptance letter that got me on this course. Without that moment none of this would be possible, and I might not be in this world today. So why do I care? Because there are millions of other girls out there just like me, who have been told no, and I’m here to say YAS! 


How will I do this? Through a web series I plan to embark on my own self love journey by creating my own journaling project that takes on a new task or question that helps girls realize how awesome we are, how being different is what makes us ourselves, and inspires girls to set and achieve goals that point them in the direction of greatness.​​​​​​​

The Soccer Story
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