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Our Avocado

Of the Rail Poetry

Starting September 2016 I began writing short poems on my 20 minute commute to and from work. Every poem I'd write in that 20 minute span then leave it be, there was a sense of freedom I felt when confining this creative process to the just the 20 minute span. The freedom to fail, as I like to call it, allowed me to create something in a short period of time and not obsess over it for hours like most of my other design work. 


Avocado Enthusiast

Anyone who knows me, knows I love avocados. This set of poems was inspired by a friend who is expecting a child. Much like how parents obsess over their children, I obsess over avocados, therefore I started finding silly similarities between babies and avocados and used those as my muse for the short poems. The book hopes to lift the spirits of overly exhausted new parents and assure them that like all good things, life is messy, just like guacamole!

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